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January 29, 2006



Your post is so, so, so but SO funny!!!!!!!!

I laughed a lot... and I'm still laughing with your detailded and amazing discription of the process of making a litle piggy!!!!

Thanks a lot for these laughs! :)



I'm sorry but I just love the expression of your girl piglet. Her eye brows say everything. Thanks so very much for sharing her! (Thanks also to Alicia P. for guiding me to your blog!)

Alicia P.

Still, still loving these pigs. Always.


Those are so sweet and clever!


They are funny and not ugly at all!

Camilla Engman

ha ha ha they looks so cute and funny :)


I'm sorry I just reread the entire thing again and it was even funnier the second time. She's not ugly, she's aDORable! She has the kindest eyes.


Oh my god I am laughing so hard I can't see. Kristina, you crack me up. Those are seriously the cutest stuffies I have seen in a long time. Hee!


Aww, I love the girly's button nostrils! And that her eyebrows make her look slightly concerned about the prospect of a stuffing accident :) Great work


Wauw!!! I love them!!


They are lovely!!

My husband used to collect pigs....and then stopped after he met me!


I laughed out loud! She is a little funny looking but in the cutest way! ;-) hehe

manda mcgrory

Oh I love Piggies! What a pair of cuties those two are! And that ribbon on the little boy piggy is lovely.


That's so funny. I couldn't stop laughing. The arms look like puffy cheeks! She's even more cuddly.


Isn´t that exciting :) We love little piggies! I will wrap your goodies tomorrow!


They are perfectly adorable, and I'm sure will be loved. I admire you sticking with it, I tend to be one of the start completely over again, which is not a good thing. I especially love their ribbon trim.

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