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January 13, 2006



Congratulations, sweetie! These pictures are darling. Such great smiles.


I was so proud of you when I read about your decision. It´s becoming more and more difficult to be a stay at home mum these days but what could be more wonderful!? I have 3 children and I didn´t go to work until my youngest son was 5 and at kindergarten. It was the most wonderful time and I´d love to have it that way again.ENJOY!!!


YAY!! Congratulations and good luck + a lot of fun of course!!


congratulations on the wedding and childcare decision! i think everybody needs to simplify their life in one way or the other...i of course am always challenged to slow down and enjoy my kids.

super photos of Paris. i love that city and it was so nice to see it today!

manda mcgrory

Congratulations! It's all very exciting!


house mortgage standing still?? that sounds wonderful!


I think you will be so happy with your decisions. I love the Paris photos. What a sweet couple you make. Jeremy and I have had many honeymoons o.s and still aren't married and we have been together for 15 years!


So many exciting changes! Congratulations on this new chapter, its gonna be fun. You guys make a great couple by the way!


great you made a decision. peace of mind and exciting times ahead. Congrats on the marriage! didn't know about the depression and hope you feel lots better now!


Congratulations on making the decision to stay at home and on deciding to get married next month. Love the pics, Kev and i take pics of ourselves like that.


Oooh... wonderful! Gorgeous photos. Congratulations!


It sounds like a good decision! It must be a relief to have it finalised. Thanks for sharing the photos from Paris, they're lovely... and hope you have fun planning your wedding.

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