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February 07, 2006



Those little piggie tails!


You like funny American movies and shows. Whats Au Pair? Your kids are too cute.


I've been an Au Pair too!! It was mostly horrible but I also really enjoyed it!! It's such a great way to explore the world the cheap way ;o) I also love the pictures of your kids - they are so cute!!


What a cutie you little girl is, look at those pigtails and that cheeky smile!

Jen Leheny

I know what you mean about Project Runway - everyone is talking about it! I think it's on pay TV (like cable) here in Australia but we don't have that! oh well... :)

Pigtails are very cute!

manda mcgrory

Do you get Sky One Kristina? It's showing the British version of Project Runway - called Project Catwalk. It's great so far.
And thanks for letting me know about the giraffe cards! Hope the next few days aren't too frantic for you!


First off, I definitely would have guessed you have been an au pair, can't really explain why, perhaps its your twinkly eyes, a kid would be drawn to them. I wish I could send you copies of Project Runway, but maybe it'll come out on DVD. Lastly, I love all the foods you mentioned, tomato/basil salad being my absolute favorite. I am loving Lupina's pigtails and Calvin's skull and crossbones shirt.


thanks for playing! i love learning new things about people. and i love those photos of your kids. they are adorable.

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