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February 14, 2006


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Congratulations!! Your presents all look so good together, I can't believe it. Did you tell people where to shop or do they just know you so well? Hehe. What store? Is it on
http://www.gatheringguide.com/ec/party_favors_decorations.html ? I am jealous. i want to give my bridesmaids some hints!


I always thought you were supposed to have kids after you get married.


i had a black dress with white polka dots when i got married. your dress is so cute! yay for non-white dresses!


Awwww, how sweet. Congrats to you!


just found your blog through your flickr contact invite. can't wait to look at it more at home. what a lovely dress! sweet wedding photos. congrats!


Congratulations! It sounds like a lovely wedding and celebration, I'm getting married in September and I'm nervous about it, I would like mine to be simple too.


Congratulations. You have wonderful children, they are really sweet.


oh wow! how lovely- we are planning a wedding and i love how simple yours was! i am so stumped for ideas and this is a way i would like to do it. I am tired of the crazy commercial weddings we have here blah!


May I just say it looks like a perfect day. All that love and great gifts too!

You look just gorgeous!

Cerella Di Mondo

You looked soo beautiful!!! Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family! Those Stelton Thermos' are the coolest! EVERYTHING that you got is NEATO!


My first visit here, how nice to be greeted with such joyousness! Congratulations!

(And that is an awesome dress...)




You look so beautiful and those shoes look fab with your dress!


You look so beautiful and those shoes look fab with your dress!


Wonderful! Congratulations! Clearly Danish wedding-gift givers have MUCH more taste than American! Those presents are gorgeous (and so are you).


Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the photos, it looks like such a happy & special day. And your dress is AMAZING :)


Krisina, You recieved the most awesome presents no wonder you wanted to get married!!I want some of your friends and famiily. Calvin looks delighted that he gave you your special present.


what a beautiful day you must have had! looks like you have some fabulous friends and family that all have excellent taste!!


Love the artwork!!! And all the orange. Beautiful.


Happiness and Joy to you and yours!


i am so thrilled for you -- and am loving the pix...thx so much for sharing your glorious day...and i agree with you on the best present!


Kristina, you look so beautiful! Dress is just PERFECT! Those pictures almost make me cry :) Lovely presents, I didn´t see any Moomin mugs though..I guess I have to do something about that!


Those pictures are wonderful & what gorgeous presents!
Enjoy your new life as stay-at-home-mum and fresh wife! :)

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