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March 01, 2006




I lived in DK for a year many years ago and somehow I stumbled on your blog. I love it!

Do you live in Kobenhavn? That's where I lived - well in the suburbs, but then I went to school in the city.

Love your blog !



that manda is just such a sweetie!


the quilt is beautiful! lucky you! it´s hard to stay away, isn´t it??? i like the photo of you with your pin. cute!


Love that mini quilt!

Camilla Engman

It looks nice.
Great break :D


Hi Kristinia,

That wasn't a very long blog break!!!I didn't even get a chance to comment. I hope you are alright you sound really snowed under.

The wedding present from Manda is beautiful. Calvin is a lucky boy. I only got my mini swap into the post yesterday if that makes you feel any better.

Take care, Jackie

manda mcgrory

You're very welcome! I'm so glad you liked it.
And wow, Calvin's package is wonderful - what a lucky boy!

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