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September 14, 2006


Annika Sandin

Oh, what a wonderful room! It looks very relaxing.


Hi! I just discovered your blog... I do just the same : I read deco magazines to get motivation for tidying and cleaning he house. By the way, yours is just gorgeous!


I bought one of those lamps at Ikea last week. They are so cute!! I love your inspiration photo's (I really should send you some Dutch magazines because I think you'll love them) Your living room is perfect!


Your home is insanely clean.

I'm making you my queen now, almighty one.

Alicia P.

Oh, so gorgeous!


Close ups at Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/karkovski/


yours is just as good as the pages of bolig (which i loved getting btw and to which your return package should be on its way... !!! things are crazy here...)


Your living room looks absolutely lovely! A very nice mix of retro and modern pieces! But I get really curious about the art on the left wall, can we get a close up?


Is that your house in the last photo? It looks terrific. I love the coffee table with those cubbies & the cool stand on the left is awesome.


Neat?! Can you come over and sort my place out? I'd be forever grateful.

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