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November 29, 2006



I'd spend a lot of time in the bathroom if this was my view! That railing is gorgeous.


ooh- i love shots of your home~! so inspiring- our place is all beiges and browny- yuck! we must paint it all white!


Were you sitting on the toilet when you took that photo???? Thats not right!!!!


I love those beams! Love love love them!

(bathroom doors CLOSE!?)


This sounds familiar! We actually don't even have doors in our house....yet. Not even the bathroom, which is right off the kitchen. We DO have curtains. And there are two big openings high up on the wall between our living area and our bedroom which will get glassed in...someday, that is, after the addition is built and it is no longer our bedroom!
I'm O.K. with it too. I guess I like it raw, as well.

amy h

This is a really beautiful space! I love all the white.


I'd like it raw too if I had such a beautiful staircase!!!


I'd like it raw too if I had such a beautiful staircase!!!


beautiful shots!

probably all moms of small children will relate to the open-door dilemma! are we going to have to teach ourselves to close it when they get older, i wonder? :)

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