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December 23, 2006


Term Papers

Belated, but none the less heartfelt, Merry Christmas to you and yours!! And hope the New Year is much better than it appears it is going to be!


Ooooh! Homemade pompoms? Then you can choose your own colors!! I just made some pom pom garlands inspired by kiddley.com but I bought the pom poms. Sure, they were cheap but so many other color schemes kept popping in my head! Do you have or know of a tutorial on how to make them??? LOVE your site by the way and I'll be back!!! :-)

Anne Stange

Også glædelig jul til dig, Kristina!
Håber der er masser af tid til hygge og nærvær i juledagene, de er nogle af årets bedste, synes jeg!
Dine unger har jo også den helt perfekte jule-alder, hvor alt endnu er magisk og meget spændende :-)
KH Anne


PomPom Jul! ;)Hehe dupa dupa.. :D


Merry Christmas and JOYEUX NOëL!!!


i adore the homemade - the colors are so much better!

happy christmas to you, and a blessed New Year.



Glædelig jul til dig og dine:-) Håber i får nogle dejlige juledage i familiens skød.
Kærlige hilsner fra


oh, it`s so beautiful!!!

Laila Ohlin

Glædelig jul til hele Fam. Karkov Therkildsen herfra Fam. Ohlin Steffensen.


I like your pompoms more than the store bought kind. And the idea that you really made every single one of them ...whew!

Have a lovely Christmas!


I like it! Merry christmas to you too!

La Châtaigne

Merry Christmas !
First time here, I will definitly come back... :-)

amy h

Homemade pompoms are better!

Merry Christmas to you!


This is a nice idea an Advent Wreath with Pom-Poms on it.

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy New Year



Whish you a merry Christmas and a happy, eventful and creative new year


Your pomppoms are much prettier than store bought ones ;)))
Merry Christmas to you!


I love all the pom poms around this year!

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