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February 09, 2007



Don't know if we ever reach the dinosaur phase, hopefully we do and Hello Kitty and Disney Princesses are forgotten and we can do such cool project like this one. What a great dino you've made!


this is so very perfect, I love the color. Lucky Calvin!


Your dino turned out great! I think the touching thing about bisons is that they look so ancient! Great stuffies you found too!


Ooo, that is brilliant! My children are deeply interested in dinosaurs right now, too. Have you seen the BBC series called Prehistoric Park? Fits of bliss for any young dino-phile.


Wow, that dino is so great! Marvellous! And I love the fact that you and your son worked on it together.

Thanks for being (once again) an inspiration - staring at your dino and the ones on the pattern, I knew what I`m going to make for my nephew`s first birthday! Although at the moment I`m a bit worried, since my sewing machine decided to stop working today. Ugh.

Hope you`re having a lovely weekend!

ps. I like the anteater too!


The fearsome teeth on that beast - watch out! Very wondeful creation and I can't wait for the aardvark!


Your dino looks better than the ones on the front of the pattern. I have a great knitted dino book but haven't done any yet.
They have used all sorts of unusual wools for all the spikey bits etc.


Adorable drawings, and a lovely mother/son project!

Mama Urchin

Looks great and scary but cute too.


That's such a great dinosaur! I loved dinosaurs when little (and I still do!) There are also some dino patterns in the book "Toys to Sew" (ISBN 0307345416) ;)


That dinosaur is so great, lucky boy and he got to be a designer too. I agree, bisons are very special creatures.

amy h

Aw, your son looks like he really loves his new mama-made dino!

Odd bison story: when I was little, we had a random bison roaming around our neighborhood. All the moms made us kids come inside because they were worried the bison would have a temper. That was the big, exciting event of the summer.


Wonderful project!
Isn't it great when you can make your child so happy with something you've made yourself?!


The dinosaur looks great!


So cool! I'll have to show my son this because he's dinosaur crazy too! That is the most realistic flying saurian I have ever seen.


Super god ide Kristina. Den er bare blevet så fin og farverne er helt fantastiske, det har han valgt godt;-)
God weekend.


WOW!!!! I love your flyin saurian!!!! Just gorgeous and so is your son. Have a wonderful weekend. xo


superb flying dinosaur! Love the colour too!


Love the pterosaur! Big J is a BIG dino fan as well. I never imagined I would know the name of so many dinosaurs! =)


how fun that he got his own custom dino! the pattern looks like it will turn out some fun ones, too!


when ever we want to distract the kids for a moment..usually while driving or at the dinner table (the times when you want to finish a converstation) we say ' look pterodactyl!' and point somewhere. remember they are 2 and 4 so it works for a few minutes.

Rosa Pomar

Wow, great teamwork!

Laila Ohlin

Jeg elsker den dino.. Kan godt forstå din mor også vil ha´en! Hun må ha´en der matcher hendes nye pude!

Ang. bisonerne.. Det kan være du var en bison i et tidligere liv!? :o)

Anne Stange

Cool dino, super idé til håndarbejde i 4.klasse, jeg snupper den nok :-)

Dine ugler er også så søde, ja dine papirklip i det hele taget!

Ha' en dejlig weekend, Kristina, og vinterferie måske?!
KH Anne


Oooh, I am just about to start making a dinosaur for a little boy... thanks for the wonderful inspiration! The saurian is fabulous.

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