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March 25, 2007



Great plan! Good luck with getting on to your creative track! I would like to follow your example... because, for me when I am creative that is when I really feel alive.

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i love the idea of ten in ten...
and the colors in that pink snake
are adorable!


10 projects in 10 weeks? Sounds like a great plan! Do you have a pattern for the snake? My DS has been asking for an anaconda. I don't know how to knit yet, but I can crochet. That's some great pink yarn for a snake!


i delight in that fact that you call yourself a beginner. hehe.. so what would that make ME?!?! (my first sewing class begins in three weeks)

i would love to see you open your own shop! seems a shame not to considering you have such a gift for making beautiful things. ;) share!


Fantastic idea! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will be making. Always inspirational!


What a wonderful idea!
Can't wait to see all 10 projects :)


I LOVE that idea...but lately I am needing to do about 10 or so a week. It is REALLY helping us out and it makes me feel great. Our daughter starts kindergarten in September and that will mark the start of our new life and mine will be soooooooo different. I am getting a bit freaked out but excited. She has been with me for her whole life and handing her over to others feels sooooooooo weird. xoxoxo


I think it's a totally doable plan. Hey, I must of missed your post on the pieced pillow. I just made some last week, also using the foundation method in Denyse Schidmit. How uncanny is that?! Love the colourway you used, I'm not usually a orange/yellow person. But it's seem to be growing on me and slowly creeping it's way into my stash.

Looking forward to you Sunday posts.


Det var sgu da en god idé. Så kan man måske fastholde det virvar af gode idéer, som ofte er skyld i, at man ikke når en brøkdel af det, man vil.... Min hjerne er ved at eksplodere af samme grund. Glæder mig til at følge dine projekter! :) Mette


Great ideas! I'm sure you will make it! Good luck with your new life, you know I know how you feel ;)


Can't wait to see the snake!

Tina Poulsen

Årh jeg elsker dine flotte idéer :) hvor får du dog inspirationen henne?
Katte softien går reent ind... selvom de ikke er helt som min missekat ;) (Hellig birma)

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