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March 06, 2007



oooh- i just love that idea as well- so clever! those tree branches are dreamy-
thanks for the ideas!


good idea.I love those wallpaper!!! looks really cool!!


WOW!!!!!! I love those wall stickers and the wallpaper!!! What a cool site. I want to do on small wall with floral wall paper like Bindweed only with bright colors. I like the print but I want color. WOW!! Thanks for the info. xo


i love the sticker idea...
so user friendly
and good for those of us
who like change


I haven´t heard of wallstickers before, and these are really nice ones! I´m glad your son is allowed to have a Garfield wallpaper. I just thought of the smurf wallpaper I desperately wanted as a child but never got. My mum said I would sure be sick of looking at it after a short while. Well, maybe - but I still remember how it looked like! (But now I would prefer the black silhouette branches).


I love the idea of wall stickers, you can also do window stickers as well - go all the way: www.brume.co.uk


These are soooo much more interesting than the ones I've seen around here. I like the idea of semi-permanence. My oldest will be turning 14 this month and for his birthday, he's getting his own room. We need to paint and buy a bed (he's not into anything too weird), but maybe some of these sticker thingies would be good. Definitely better than his "Eye of Sauron" idea from Lord of the Rings!


Thanks for the great links!

Have you seen the ones from this company http://www.domestic.fr/ I want to get the height chart one for my sons room.


these are fabulous! thank you so much for sharing the info. i too am remodeling, and these are great ideas...


I love the stags head and the cuckoo clock!
So glad my daughter didn't see the Garfield wallpaper she would have had it everywhere!

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