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April 20, 2007


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what beautiful designs, will be that this technique can be found somewhere?


i love ariadne too! i've a pattern from a japanese book very similar with the dog (this dog is from the dutch company colorique check it out! http://www.colorique.com/new/frameset.html?collection-gen-frameset.cfm&themeid=43). anyway if you want i can scan it and send it to you!

the robot doll is from missnl (http://www.geenius.nl/english_site/gb_index.html).

I love all of them!

kusjes from holland!


I like big projects like that! can't wait to see the result.. thanks for your nice comments on my blog!


That magazine looks GOOD. I like the sound of all your projects and am looking forward to seeing photos of them.
It sounds so cute that the littles share a big loooonnngg bed!


I love that dog and cat pattern too. Oh and good luck on stitching up so many cushions. They are going to have so much fun playing with them.

Emma -emmas designblogg-

Love the fabrics you are going to use for your bedroom! But you can't just say ypu've made two pillows without showing them, that is just plain cruel! ;-)

I've got a pile of five pillows waiting for covers here, but I just can't seem to get started. I hate making the first cut in the fabric, always thinking I'm going to make a mistake and spoil everything! It usually works out fine in the end though, but I get kind of nervous before I get started...

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