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April 21, 2007



those pillows are ace! and i like your nook! the white & yellows work so well. :)


Those pillows and that quilt look so confortable. I too love the colors together.
I'd also be very grateful to have that much fruit and vegies coming from my backyard!


I love Poppy Treffry`s pillows, thanks for the link!
But I really like your pillows too, the fact that they match each other so well without being TOO matchy-matchy. Also, it`s exciting to get to see what the moomin fabric turns into!

Hugs, P


Love the pillows and the kitty- such nice fabrics. I just found your blog and I'm glad I did!


Love that picture of your nook! the colours, pillows and that quilt are beautiful xx


wow, these things are so beautiful. your nook is COMPLETELY inspiring, love the pillows and colors so much! and thanks for the good links too. i'm going to enjoy following your 10:10 project..


Forgot to say I just love your nook aswell!


I love Poppy Treffrys work too.Have you seen her totes?Adorable and so do-able!


your nook looks so serene and peaceful, just gorgeous choice of colors and patterns. And I love those pillows, just love them. The houses are so great!

Emma -emmas designblogg-

Yes, thank you, you finally satisfied my curiousity! The pillows look fabulous, lovely colours, and the bed looks so inviting! Thanks for showing. You actually inspired me to get started with some sewing of my own, but I'm not sure if I'm going to make some cushion covers or if it's going to be a quilt for Nemo's bed? Maybe I'll make the cushions first, and a quilt of the left over fabrics? Not that I've ever made a quilt before, but how hard can it be, when everybody seems to be doing it? :-D


i wish i could go to sleep each night in a nook! lovely.


Very nice pillows! Colours are beautiful!


Oh my goodness that nook looks amazing!!! I also adore all of Poppy Treffry's things. I would buy that house pillow in a hot second had I the funds. Also thanks sooooo much for you wonderful comments on my blog. It's nice to know you are not alone. :)xox


your pillows look beautiful. I love Poppy Treffry too, what issue of Selvedge is she in?


Wow Kristina! You are so inspiring and such a fast sewer - I guess one needs to strike while the inspiration is hot, right? Love your nook, the colors, everything goes so beautifully together.

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