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June 13, 2007



Its interesting to see bags which are meant to carry kindergarten stuff. You can carry the whole stuff cool by using different types of cooler bags.For more details see this http://www.squidoo.com/coolerbags


Beautiful ...

li li

All your moomin tote bags are wonderful!!!! I want one too!!! :D



Ville blot lige sende en hurtig hilsen, da jeg syntes det er meget hyggeligt at læse en dansk craftblog og andet...syntes ikke jeg støder på så mange, men det er måske bare fordi det hele er lidt nyt for mig.... Jeg er hjemme på barsel med lille Seth på 6 måneder, så måske derfor er der blevet tid til det. Dog helt sikker på at jeg ikke kan lade være, selv når jeg starter på værkstedet igen. Så igen tak for din blog, som er skøn blanding efter min mening
Kh. Mette


I gasped when I saw the Moomin bag! It's just fab! I'd go back to school with THAT one.... why is it I never get such cute tea towels? Bet it's got something to do with the fact that we don't use tea towels here in Singapore....

Tiel S-K

love it....I'd find a few dead apples in there if it belonged to my kids!


What a great idea for the kids art! My kids make those all the time and I never know what to do with them!


The Moomin bag is absolutely fantastic! I bet all the other kids will be jealous - and if not the kids - then definitely their parents!!


How I love your little display - kids art, beautiful softies, and thrifted goodness!


oh what a cute tote !
and the cow, wow !!

Emma -emmas designblogg-

Oooh, I love the bag!!! Can you please please make one for me too? *standing on my knees begging*

Rosa Pomar

Wonderful bag AND softies! I can't wait to get my copy of Milk and see what photos they've published in the Psy section. I've submitted a few :)


Oooo--Moomin Bag! Will you have them in your shop? I'd love one!


that bag is fabulous! love the illustration!


all so good.... xo


moomins!!!! what a cute tote!!! i'm envious of the little lady :)
ingenious idea coaster-lids, you will start a new trend ;)

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