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June 27, 2007



she is so cute , the blouse is great, she must be a happy girl


I participate to the superswap too! I am happy that you join us! I like your blog very much! à bientôt!


you know what? don't even need to speak french to visit french blogs! i'm sure most of us would be delighted to translate anything if needs be.


this little girl is just supercute :)
and thank YOU to join the all migthy league of french superblog haha!


of course they' re cool :-D

what a sweet pea you have there !


It's so cute! Everything (including the adorable little princess)!

Lili la sardine

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and oh ! surprise I am in your linked blogs too... I'll be visiting you soon and I rush to add you in my foreign blogs list too... Nice creations of your own and your girl is so cute.......


Oh my my!! And here I was signing on to tell you a big "thank you" for referring Anne to me. She bought a really fun charm necklace. Your necklace looks so great on you!!! Esp. that little red monkey! So you. Your daughter looks so gorgeous in that little blouse. I must follow all these other links you provided. Hope all is well with you my friend, and thanks for showing the necklace on yourself.


Lovely presents for a lovely woman, you are so generous that is a pleasure having a swap with you!
Thank you for showing me Lupina's pics,I'm so happy to see that the blouse fits for her.
Big hugs to you all!


So cute...that's your beautiful daughter. The necklace is great as well. Hope you will come and see us at the homely year.


What a lovely necklace!

I am still in love with the cat you sent me, thank you so much again. In fact a little thank you will be winging it way to you very soon .... will let you know when it is in the post!

I love your daughters hair, I have been trying to get mine to do that for years (have given up now and grown it long) - so cute!


Skønne byttehandler du der har lavet dig. Jeg takke for linket til Diana's etsy shop, har straks købt en af de smukke kæder.


Great swaps! And those photos of your little girl are SO sweet!


Thanks for posting the link to peekKEEP - looks like a great shop!

Karen à Toronto

love the necklace - especially the red monkey.

maybe I'll be your partner for the swap ;o)
can't wait to start !

I love the cute face on the picture no 652.


oops my email was wrong again...fixed it. xo


I tooo wish to be cool like the French!! I love that blouse and those photos of your daughter. How adoreable and beautiful!!!! Swapping is the bestest!!! I also love that necklace. How cool is that? I love your blog. xo

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