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July 04, 2007



cute penguin and bag!!!

Elisabeth Dunker

Thanks for some danish parenting-magazine tip!


this is just a very cool litlle pinguin!
i love it :)


I just love the pinguin! Great bag. I wish I had more time.. I want to make bags, pillows, aprons, softies, pouches, knitted sweaters, crocheted blankets, beautiful cakes, bread (No, I do bake our own bread), embroidery and...and...


Hi, sounds like your son might be a designer one day! The penguin and bag turned out beautifully.

The Invisible Girl

Hello Kristina !
I speak english like a "Spanish cow" but I’ll do the best I can (with a dictionary) to make sure that you’ll understand me. And if it’s not enough, I hope that my dear Artway will help me to translate what I have to say to you.
I’m very happy to "work" for you for the "super swap".
Best regards,
The Invisible Girl


Your boy sounds quite a lot like my eldest daughter! The bag and the bag look incredible, and are that much more special for his art direction :-)


Oh, that's sweet! A good mommy you must be!


that penguin is superb!!

Tips Of All Sorts

What an adorable little boy!


Hi Haven't been by for a while!!! BOY had some catching up reading to do. Penguin's lovely and I enjoyed looking at your craft room. I am still dreaming of a craft room, but its in the plans, when it finally arrives its going to be worth the wait!!


I love it that your son knows what he wants!! The penguin turned out just great - he is so cute!

Karen S

Brilliant!!!!!! Especially because of the Rasmus Klump touch ;-)
Gotta love it, though I can imagine some exhaustion after working through that demand!


I heart your penguin!!!! They do have some very strong opinions don't they...xoxo

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