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August 08, 2007



Congratulations for the book!!


I'm so going to buy this book as soon as I can. Mr Monda works for penguin actually so I have tasked him to find out more for me. Sooo exciting!


Congratulations for the book!


this looks great. Can't wait to see it. Congratulations. what a buzz!


Vilken härlig bok, när kan man köpa den. Grattis. Jag bara älskar att se bilder från ditt hem och miljön omkring dig. Mycket inspirerande.


I just received a copy of the book this morning and your knitted bunny is so very very cute. How wonderful for you and all the other crafsters who have contributed such wonderful patterns too. I hope you can find something on the work front that suits your hours. It is hard trying to stretch the finances as we have had to do for the last year too, and I am doing little bits here and there, although something permanent would be very helpful. Good luck!


What about freelance writing for magazines?

Maybe reviews or for something like the green guide to begin with - not major articles.

After all you can think and you're a good writer and you don't need qualifications for that. I have no quals either - just winged it my whole life.

So exciting about the book!!

Go you.



Congratulations on the book!! And on decisions for life! I hope that lifes little luxuries start finding there way to your family soon!!


You are so talented and I admire you. I know you'll be a success if you set out to use your talents. It sounds like you have found some good ways to get started.


Your bunny looks so good on there! Congratulations!!


congrats to the superfine book! and i have been thinking a lot about this words from sue, so good advise!


Hi Kristina, The book looks fantastic, can't wait to see it in the flesh. Congratulations.
Here in Australia we have paid "helpers" in the schools. Working with kids that need a bit of extra help, stuff like that. Do they have those type of jobs over there. A friend of mine got into that when her kids were at school and kindy. She just loves it. Its only a couple of days a week, school hours so your home when they are.


I can't wait to see the book, Kristina. Where is it available for sale....?! ;-)


Wow! The book looks awesome. And your bunny is adorable. Good luck with your "odd jobs." Sometimes that's enough to make the difference in your family budget. I know my little etsy shop and some online sales (through ebay) have helped us out while my husband is unemployed and in school. Congrats again on the book!


p.s.s. Excellent book cover! See? One thing leads to another.


I'm so glad that what I wrote spoke to you. When I first heard the advice spoken to me, it just made so much sense. My children are 6, 9, & 10 and it is so interesting to watch them and wonder what it is they will be doing to make a living in 20 years. Have you heard of the American author Sarah Susanka? All of her books are very, very good....I'm just finishing her latest...The Not So Big Life. Chow!
p.s. Ugh....you can now see that totally ditched my blog writing...it wasn't for me, but I so enjoy reading other people's blogs - such inspiriation!


this is great great news! congratulations, i can't wait to order it.


Congrats on the book...amazing....I am so happy for you. It will all fall into place because you are amazing and even if your home is unfinished it is GORGEOUS!!!!xoxoxoxo


Ooooh, I have been waiting for ages to see this book! I looks so good! And it's published here in Australia - finally a craft book I won't have to wait for ages to get whilst enviously (if that's a word) reading all about it on other people's blogs!

Congrats on the front cover!


Congrats on the book, it seems all my favourite bloggers are in it. I think it meant to be out Monday, I've check a few Aussie online bookshops and they still have it on pre-order!

I might ask the bookshop to check on their computer today, when I'm at the mall.

Good luck with moving forward, your very talented! I'm sure things will full into place for you.


See, you´re made for this. The book looks great, congrats. I want one!

amy h

Congrats on the book!

We are just getting started with the financial problems of having one parent stay home (I'll be quitting my job as of the end of the month). I know it won't be long before I'm in your place, wanting all the stuff I know we'll have to give up. A vacation and a meal out here and there are good things.


such good advice from Sue! I, too, am in a very similar spot. and have been doing the same kind of childhood/career connecting...best to you in the process.

Tina Poulsen

Aj hvor er det fedt!!! :) kommer bogen til Danmark?


I am SO in the same situation as you. As you know :) Little E starts daycare on Monday and I will have to start looking for odd jobs, though I would very much like to think I could be able to live on etsy + a few craft shows every now and then. Well, we'll see. I'm a bit tired of THINKING too, can't wait to be able to DO stuff. Good luck with your projects! You're not alone!


I think the barbies definitely say try something interior related... congrats on the book, looks like a really fine piece.


As a student I can relate to your wish to get something extra without having to eat only porridge for months! I`m trying not to think about how many years more I`ll be in this financial situation now that I`m going to change my major (or I`ll feel very stupid doing so, especially when my friends are starting to get real jobs, mortgage loans etc.).

Looking the photos from your home, I`d say you`d be great at interior styling - well, already are. (And I read a lot of interiors magazines.) Good luck!


Newton said: "there is an explanation for everything". And there is a reason why you have such troubled thoughts! Even when they are luxurious! It makes you thinking about your live and what you want to do with it. I'm sure you'll find out!
and than some notes on the book. First: I want one! and second: did you contact eachother to make a pattern book together, or did the publisher contact you? I'm just a little curious how this happens...

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