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August 20, 2007



I still have the one with glasses and a book :) I loved the Smurfs when I was a little girl (I still love them).


i also have a collection of smurfs...
i was trying to get 99...
of course,
i was about 23 when i started
collecting mine though...


beautiful dress!

and those smurfs... in Italy we called them 'puffi' (poophy). Weird world.


I bought one smurf on a trip to Norway when I was little and still have it. It's riding a bike but I lost the little stand that held it up.
I was just in a toystore in Seattle, Washington in the states last week and saw that they had some for sale there! You don't see that very often around here.


I used to love the Smurfs and I had the Smurf drinking glasses collection...but my mom ended up breaking every one of them while washing dishes. I still have my California Raisins collection though! LOVE that 80's stuff.


Ah, smurfs! I had the hugest collection. I don't know what ever happened to them, I hope they're still tucked away in my dad's house somewhere... Maybe I'll look this weekend! You've inspired me! :)


The print on that dress is amazing! What a great find.


haha, smurfen! you know what, I still buy them sometimes for my kids!


I loved smurfs too! Particularly the fact that there was only one girl and that Papa Smurf wore red!!

The dress is great too!!


I don't collect smurfs but I should. My last name is what they call smurfs in German (Schlumpf)!

amy h

That is a great dress! I used to have lots of those Smurf figurines when I was little -- I wonder where they went??

Elisabeth Dunker

What a smurf treasure, and lovely dress!


gorgeous dress - great colour!


Og en vaskeægte karoline muh-ko!
Vild kjole, tror du det er en marimekko forgænger?
kh Linda


Great dress and great picture...


the dress is so beautiful.
and i collected smurfs when i was a child!
in france the name is "schtroumpfs"!! (not easy).


I love that dress! And the smurfs... I used to have so many of the as a kid, I wonder what ever happened to them...

camilla Engman

My little brother had a lot of smurfs, I was very jealous.


that dress IS divine - and Smurfs - what a blast from the past - we had those here in Australia as well - a worldwide phenomenon!

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