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September 09, 2007



just discovering your blog… from Manouche's.
it's nice to be there, will come back! sure!

Anna @ D16

Gingham Superman!! I love it.


Hi Kristina,
Wow what a wonderful swap, you have been very busy. It has been a while since I dropped by, just had a big catch up read.


Oh what a great superswap! :)
Thank you for the little kitty I got from your Etsy-shop. I love it!


sicotin is some super girl huh? i'm a big fan. bravo for all this swap.


Great superswap!

Rouge Nahsam

Quel superswap magnifique ! Tu es une chanceuse...


Oh my goodness. My 4 year old son was watching over my shoulder as I read your page and he immediately made promise to ask you how you made the Sonic pillow. He is only allowed to play video games for 20 minutes once a week, but he LOVES Sonic and his friends. Do you have any tips for us?

Thanks so much!

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