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December 11, 2007


Children's Bedroom Furniture

I think the room looks great. Its fun helping our children decorate their rooms because it helps them realize their own creativity. I remember being young and decorating my room with my parents. Its their unique space and they want to make their room a place where their imagination can flow!

Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Decorating your son's room is also a great way for your son on early exposure on the work of art. He can now start to appreciate arts and eventually apply it on his own.


When I feel low, and tired, I visit your (lovely) blog and then suddenly I get happy and full of energy. I always want to clean up my mess and do the house nice and tidy, just like yours.
I like your style very very much!

esther Veereschild

You look so pretty in your new photo, so calm and relaxed.

And i love your son's room.


Wonderful... how wonderful it all looks.
Here's hoping December is kind to you and that it affords you much merriment, grache.


Wonderful time :)
You look great in your new blog picture.
I wish you a happy December:)


What a nice room, I like the chairs!


it looks great and it's so very me!


Room looks great, very clear ... but... yours new hair looks excellent!


What a wonderful room...spacious, organized, pretty (wait, I mean "handsome!"). No wonder you have all been spending time in there!

I wish I'd had such a great room as a child!


You are doing such a great job making your new place so homely - glad to hear there are lots of laughs too!


It looks great!!! Sounds like you guys had a really fun day. xoxo :)


it's so good to take time with kids! i really like it too! and i really like your son's room too!


That has to be the tidiest boy's room I've ever seen! Very nice.

Elisabeth Dunker

It looks so nice Kristina!

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