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February 01, 2008



thanks for linking! love mine.


These book look great!


Thanks for the link to Mati, I will go and check it outs looks great....and your painting ..fantastic!! Is it for sale??
Looks like your doing good!!


I have that same print from Mati....I love your art wall. Jeu de paume looks amazing...I have never seen it before. Happy Weekending. xoxo


I love those Jeu de Paume books. I have a couple myselfe - kid rooms.


of course its still new!!



Wonderful books you have there! Thanks for showing them, I must keep my eyes open for those Fashion Market books, they look really inspiring. And Jeu de Paume books are always lovely -- can't wait the last three that I ordered to arrive! :)

margaret oomen

matte stephens has been one of my favorite etsy artists ever since i discovered etsy last year. His art was the subject of my holiday ornaments last year for the exchange as I gave a few of his paintings and prints as gifts. You are right about his amazing decorating style and he is a really nice person to boot. There is a wonderful blog interview with him on http://sfgirlbybay.blogspot.com/ .


ooh - lovely decorating library! i have had my eye out for the stockholm ateliers - but so far haven't found it. now i will be watching for the top ones as well ;)
will miss you next week... xo

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