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February 20, 2008



A divorce doesn't have to be a disaster. Sad - yes, disaster - no! I think you're doing the right thing by thinking positively and showing the kids positivity too. Well done you!
And like Tora, I've fallen in love with something in your kitchen, namely the plates! We used to have them, when I was a child and I would love to have a set of them now. :)


Love is the most important thing and it looks to me like there is a lot of that there!


I'm happy all is going well. Lovely corners in your home.

madame chocolat

nice little corners kristina. you might whant to change my link... i've deleted "artwaystuff" it's now "madame chocolat".
(nice mugs too)


I think the same way as you, and I have an optimistic approach to life, which I think helps out a lot at bad times as well. This is one of the things we argue about at home. He considers himself being a realist... Glad to here you are doing fine!


I am happy for you and your future.It´s wonderful that the children´s father is still taking part in their lives.


hi Kristina, you're such a positve and kind person, i too believe you'll be fine. have a lovely weekend x


i'm also a child from divorced parents and the things didn't went well for me. my mother met someone else and left me with my father when i was six. my father has offered his life for me, he did everything and never got married again. he was a mum and a dad. my mother never participated in my life, she didn't knew anything of me, hoe my friends were, what was my favoriet food, she even doesn't know what have i studied, she simply doesn't care or ever asked. and that is painfull.

nowadays that i'm a mother i understand her even less, and decided, after to many times of trying, to break contact for good.

when i got children in the beginning was hard, i never had a model as mother in my life and didn't knew how to be one. i created a distance between me and my son, that i now still try to correct. met my daughter went better because the father helped me, refusing doing all the work by himself. i now fill much better in the mother roll.

anyway, sorry for all the writing but sometimes is good to share. i just want to say that you're a strong women that does a wondefull job. the most important is that both parents communicate about and with their children, letting everything so much normal as possible. i think you're finding your path and eveything will go allright!

all the best!


That's life!
It's never a happy event for children when Mom and Dad get divorced of course...But in the end the most important thing for them is to know that they have Mom's and Dad's love no matter where they live.
There are Moms and Dads that live together not loving each other and that lack of love has a more negative impact in children than divorce. I say keep loving them as much as you do everyday and that's all they will need to go through the sad times. One day they will wake up and won't see anything wrong with their lives because that's really what it is. They have everything they need.

Elsita :)


Wise thinking, and i believe it too. And i´ve been there,: divorsed with small kids and made it thru smoothly. No major brakedowns.
You will do, and are doing fine. All of you. I´m sure.


so glad it is going well. your own calm is of course to their benefit. you are great parents! and the new digs look fantastic! xo

joanna goddard

my parents got divorced when my sister and i were about 11 and my little brother was about 7. for us, the divorce really wasn't traumatic at all....we were sad, of course, but our parents were very loving and my dad obviously wanted to spend lots of time with us. i think the biggest thing is for kids to feel like their parents still really love them.

thank you for this lovely post. xo


thanks for this post and your honesty. i wish and expect the best for your family also :)


I feel kind of silly for asking such a trivial question after reading this post, but those espresso cups look so cool, who are they?

And I'd also like to wish you all good luck, and take care!



you're doing a great job Kristina:)


An inspiring post - I believe it too - thank you!

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