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September 04, 2008


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My best (and delayed) wishes of a happy birthday!
A very handsome little boy and his beautiful mama! Enjoy the moment because they grow up so quickly!


happy birthday! How great to spend the day together as a whole family! How good of you to do that!
Hipp hipp hooray!


wow 8! Happy Birthday for Calvin:)) And I think you are great parents.


joyeux anniversaire Calvin

(love your new banner !)


Oh Happy Birthday!!! Our daughter turns 7 this Saturday....aaaahhh. Your son is so handsome and you look GREAT by the way. xoxo :)


happy birthday calvin!
and he celebrated it in style, i see - aren't pirates fab? my son celebrated his 5th this year with pirates and all.

i would have loved to have a bite of the very yummy looking strawberries on his cake - mmmm



Aww :o) Great photos! Happy Birthday!!!!


It looks like you all had a great day! Happy birthday!!


yay! happy birthday!!!
what lovely photos of you both.

and sunshine - aaah!


Hi Kristina

Jepps Kristina....she is so right you look wonderfull....Tillykke med den store som jo stadig er lille ( heldigvis ) Men man kan jo allerede se at han bliver super smækker lækker når han bliver stor, så du skal nok få smukke svigerdøtre og børnebørn.....men jo først om laaannngggg tid....håber du har det godt og nyder livet...

Knus fra os


Oh Happy Birthday! My son was five on sunday.A lot of children celebrating lately in blogland : )

Anna @ D16

You look beautiful, and your son looks so proud. :)

I think it's great that you are able to do things like this as an inclusive family, even though you're not still with your ex. I wish my parents had been able to do things like that! It must mean a lot to to your son to have stability and regularity when it comes to something like his birthday.

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