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January 14, 2009



I found this type of family too when my children were younger - it´s priceless!


Oh my gosh! This so takes me back to my childhood! We only had Barbapapa books for about 2 seconds in Western Australia in the '70s!! They are adorable! I love reading your blog. I only discovered it about two weeks ago. Every time those red boots come up I feel joy! Please feel free to visit our blog at http://www.sicefamily.blogspot.com

Kids Room Appliances


Its looking cute. Especially the design and colors.



I love this bank..we completely love Barbapapa!!!! How nice that you have such an amazing friend to have!!!


You are so right - we chose our new families as so many of us live away from our real families - it doesn't lessen the real family ties but surely adds depth and delight to our relationships. I am single with no kids, 2 lovely parents, a brother a host of aunts and uncles and cousins but none within 75 miles! My local family consists of good friends who go out of their way to help = bring you goodies when you are ill, let you share the delight of their kids growing up, make sure you have something to do on a weekend.....I wouldn't be without them either!


Such friends are THE BEST!!!



my neighbors and i have been talking a lot about definition of family. i love yours. and the richness it surely brings to your children. bravo! and love to you all! xo

Kathrine Felland Gunnløgsson

Hej Kristina

Du giver så meget god inspiration på din blog, at jeg gerne vil give noget tilbage.

Jeg har en bog, som jeg gerne vil give dig, hvis du ikke allerede har den.
Den hedder Super mor og er skrevet af Anne Skyggebjerg. Den er både en praktisk guide og en hyldest til enlige mødre.
Hvis du sender din adresse til mig på kathrinefg@gmail.com sender jeg dig bogen.

Hav en god dag :)


OOOPS sorry Kristina
I spelled your name wrong in the previous message. Can you forgive me ;)


Hello cristina,

You don't know me... and I only know you by checking your blog regularly. I stumbled on it while surfing the web. I love to read your stories and this one hit me (again) ;)
I am a single mom to. We divorced last december and if you want it or not... your stories helped me. It's hard... but absolutely not the end of the world. It's the beginning of a new world. I only don't know who it's gonna look.
I love that picture of barbamama. She realy looks happy!
Thanks again for your stories!


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