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March 09, 2009



Is it possible to purchase bigger cage for your rabbit and guinea pig? At least 120x60cm. :) Sorry, but the cage is too small =(


Hi Kristina!
I can totally realate to the downstairs neighbour situation. We have a quite "sensitive" one who have sent text messages to my husband on a sunday afternoon asking us to make the children be quiet, so she could watch Tour de France (no joke!!) And she points out, that when the kids wake up at 6am everybody wakes up. And we know! But what can you do when they are 1½ and 4 years old?
Like you I just want to let them be kids and play and jump, but I hear myself telling them to be quiet more than I would like to.

Sorry for the long ramble - you just hit a spot ;)
Have a great day!


dear kristina..i can understand you very good. i’ve 4 kids and yes they are loud, they like to move, to sing, jump and dance. i wish you’ll find soon an appartment where you can relax, and your kids can just be kids. life becomes a bit easier. keeping fingers crossed for you* and by the way, your type case looks great! best wishes from switzerland! april


I hope you find somewhere.It can be so stressful having to keep kids quiet while they play.

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