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October 14, 2010


Megumi Pedersen

Hej Kristina :-) I love your blog and art..
and thank you so much for writing about me!
Yes, I am a big fan of Creme..;-)
When I came to Denmark and visited the shop for the first time, I fell completely in love to the universe.

When I used to work in a shipping company in Copenhagen what I was looking forward the most was after work, at 17pm I ran to the center of town to stop by at Creme..shop and admire the universe..sometimes I couldn't make it and shop was already closed, but I still enjoyed the window displays. (oh it sounds a bit like stalker but it was love..hehe)

And when my dream finally came true and opened my shop introducing Danish designers beautiful products, I visited Helle to ask whether I can sell her products to Japan, she remembered me very well by my very frequent visit to her shop and said yes..

Love from Megumi


I went to Créme de la créme when I was in Kbh a year ago, charmng place! Seems they got more air with the move! I actually gave them my card and a postcard catalogue,just if... Don't know if I met the owner, I was to nervous to catch the names of the girls in the shop!

Nice to see you at my blog! You seem to be doing fine too, love the new art you are creating!


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