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October 04, 2006


Mari Eriksson

Love those mags!!


Check out the Ariadne site for patterns of their magazine: http://www.ariadneathome.nl/idee/ideeengids/
Here you can find the patterns for the different ideas.

have fun


what an incredible score of magazines you got! amazing. i absolutely adore the wallpaper ideas.


I'm new to your blog (it's beautiful) and I gasped when I saw your chalkboard! We just moved into a new place and it's pleading for a big chalkboard - did you make it yourself, or find it somewhere? I'm so clueless when it comes to sources for DIY. Anyhow, it's wonderful.


Ah I love the "binnenboom" (indoor tree) and the wallpaper house. These Ariadne kids editions are always so great and I'm always waiting in anticipation for the new season to get my hands on a copy. I'm so happy you are pleased with your magazines. I'm going to tell about yours on my blog tomorrow :o)


Those magazines look fantastic.I love that patchwork wall it reminds me of what Manda did.

Account Deleted

I love that tree on the wall. That'd be a great idea for even an entryway where coats & scarves are hung--not even necessarily just a kid's room.

Mama Urchin

love the magazines and the new banner!


OH MY GOD I want to copy them all...they are all so awesome. Just in time for my planning a re-deco for Lolas room..now see if you lived in melbourne I could have borrowed your mags!!


I love every single one of these pictures. Why do I not work on making my kid's rooms this cute? I do not know.

I LOVE your new banner too!




Eek! All the magazines are SO great. I'm dying over here. I just started working on our playroom and would love to incorporate a tree in there. Thanks for sharing!


Wow, those are fantastic. I printed out the tree photo. I have a font that is animal silhouettes if you decide to do something like those pillows. Let me know what animals you would want and I could email you a .pdf file of those.

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