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December 20, 2006


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I just found your blog via Soule Mama, and I've just found a new go-to gift for my GFs! Who knew silk scarves could be purchased so economically and then transformed into something so unique and lovely? Thank you!


Lovely! I had no idea a craft table could be so minimalist (i.i. tidy)!


So gorgeous, you are sooo pretty


You look so cute! That box thing with all those little compartments to display knick knacks on the wall? I love them, lots of the Dutch people I know have them, so interesting to look at all the little things on display.

amy h

Lovely corner! And that has to be the prettiest sewing machine I've ever seen.

Happy holidays!


Hi Kristina-honey,

You look so beautifull! And the little corner of yours is veeery cute, too!

Have a great Christmas!



love your poncho and little dolls. but, i love love love your sewing table!


What a beautiful corner of your house to create and such a gorgeous smile in your lovely poncho. There's truly nothing like a great score at the thrift shop.


love your craft corner!! i wish my sewing machine was aqua-colored. That is too cool.

sabine Brandt

good picture of you ;-), merry xmas to you!


i love it!
the lamp is beautiful.
and is that papa smurf? =)


i love that corner you've made for yourself- and the table is so perfect. Nice to see you...hi!


love this perfect corner. and so good to see your beautiful face! happy holidays my friend! xo

Alicia A.

Hi there! Aren't you just adorable?!

LOVE the table.


Beautiful, beautiful craft corner! I love the table! And the poncho looks great as well!

Wishing you and your familiy a happy Christmas...


lucky you! what a beautiful craft corner! great selfportrait!


well hello there pretty lady ;)

i love tables (or just about anything) in that finish. well-loved and perfect.

i like your machine - it looks a bit like my vintage necchi - is it an older model or is the color fooling my eyes?

stealing the idea for the mushrooms (we bought a new box of sculpey® yesterday). yes, i'm a thief!

have a most wonderful day.


what a nice corner!

you are so cute and "fresh faced"!

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