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January 29, 2007



I love Moomin!! Where can I find some?!

I can't imagine 3 whole days alone, let alone 3 whole hours! Yikes, I gotta get out more often!


I love the pictures of yourself! Your mugs are great! (Sorry ... ehem...but I don't know very well the stories of Moomins but the images are very beautiful). Home alone 3 days? Enjoy it!


Oh my gosh, your cats are so great and your bunny is the cutest! Yah! I can't wait till the book comes out.


Love the moomin mugs, they are adorable.


Hello Kristina,
Sorry I have been so slack. I have had my baby. Another boy we have called him Sam born on the 1st Dec. I will send you an email soon, promise!
Hugs Jackie


Those cats are very cool. Wow, this would mean we'll be able to get a book in Australia with softie patterns by you, that's great.
3 days alone ... I wish..


Hey Kristina, such a success, I love the idea to find you on a softie pattern book! Are you relaxed after your 3 days break? I hope so, if I would I probably spent my time in walking around the city in search of books, yarn and little shop full of treasures, taking a capuccino here and there...


Love the self portraits and latest stuffed creations. I hope to send you handmade coasters in the next month. Giving myself some time. My mother just visited to help with the kids. Will be in touch.


Love the cats! My son left for college this year so I have a lot of alone time now, its almost scary! I'm sure I'll get used to it, I've gotten back into my sewing, knitting and photo taking which is fun.


Hey Honey, nice cups ;-) If I was left home alone for three days I would probably sleep & eat..and miss my family (pitiful..yeah?)


Good luck with the pattern making! And Australian book of softies sounds glorious


Wow, you have more mugs than I do, and I`m a Finn! :) I like the older ones with small pictures (like your pink one) even more, and wish they`d make a new set of them (they`re crazy expensive on a Finnish auction site).

As I live alone, it`s usually up to me and me only to arrange some me-time (too many 'me's in that sentence!). But I think I still understand your feelings - it`s so important to get some time and space just to oneself, no matter how much we love the family and friends we`re surrounded with.

My me-time would ideally include first some cleaning so I could really enjoy my three days. Then I`d treat myself with something yummy to eat - try a new recipe, maybe. And then watch a good film, read a good book and/or craft. Having time to concentrate on something like that always makes me feel grounded, whole and calm.


yikes! i got two of those moomin mugs for christmas (the pink one (incidentally i put a picture of it on my flickr) and the yellow one) - i love the colours and the slightly 50s style of the ceramic - where did you get them, i adore mine too and i have an urge to get some more mugs to spread the moomin love -
hej from switzerland :)


you have nice blue eyes.


Hands down that bunny is so cute. You have done what has been in the back of my head for quite a time now - combining aspects of knitting with sewing. You are brilliant! The little doggie does hold a special place in my heart though. But three days alone? I am so used to hustle and bustle that it is so eerie when I am alone. But I would probably get over it quick like and park myself on the sofa for an extended and uninterrupted knitting and bad movie watching.


oh kristina, welcome back!! i love the mugs and all of the photos!!


so lovely to see you! I love those cats so much, so perfectly stuffed.

Home alone for 3 days? Since I've had kids, its never happened! I'm sure I'd find something to do! xo


Oh, my... Three whole days?! Good for you for NOT wasting it on the computer! Did you relax?!

I love your cats!


love your hair and mugs. i covet. really, i covet.

home alone for three days? i can not even wrap my mind around such bliss.


Oh I love the cats!! Your mugs are great, I own the red one and use it as a planter just becuase it's so cute with a little plant in it! I think I'd watch all the girly 8o movies if I was home alone for 3 days and all the Hugh Grant movies because the Bo hates them LOL!!


A pattern for a VERY similar dog is printed in Lucinda Guy's book, Handknits for Kids. I actually thought yours were from that book at first! BTW, I love your mug collection...so cute!


mmmmm??? 3 days ha? I got to sleep in for the first time in four years the other day....I awoke at 8.50am! 3 days you say. I really don't know. I think I would waste the first day thinking about what I could do. The second would be running around to all the shops I wouldn't go to with two small children and a little design work, and the third would be doing artwork and then a little cleaning before the mob came home.


LOVE the cats, Kristina! And you were left alone for 3 days? I hope you had lots of naps! ;)


love the cats :-)


Those cats are so good!I adore those Moomin mugs wish I could get my hands on some of them.My sister and I were Moomin addicts when we were little.I pick up any Moomin books when I'm thrifting too!

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