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August 13, 2007



I have that exact same seasame st thermos (which I've had since I was a kid) and the powerpuff girl (in fact I have all 3 PPGs and Mojojojo!) all the way over here in Australia.


oh my land.
i knew that i liked your blog...
but i had no idea
that we were so much alike...
first i see the smurfs
and then SESAME STREET...


I love that poster of yours!

Anna at D16

Wait...are you saying that those Moomin cards came from a McDonald's Happy Meal?! If so, that is incredible.

Also, I love Woodstock.


that is some fantastic plastic! and i love love love that lion poster.


the lunch box and thermos are super!!!!!


Ooooh Kristina, that lunchbox.....please do not invite us again....I am afraid that it might be missing when we leave... :-D But please do come over here, it was way to short time we had.


What great treasure! I loved the barbapapas as a child - the little black hairy artist one was always my favourite and a few years ago in Paris I found a stress beanie barbapapa!! I also have a Woodstock (I am not sure if that is what Snoppy's bird friend is known as around the world) that I have had as a child - in fact 2 - one soft toy and the other a wind up hopping one!! He was always my favourite peanuts character!


What a cute collection! Love the Moomin cards!

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