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October 09, 2007



I think a painting hobby is a must. :)

This is the way I love my american (in my case canadian) pancakes: mashed bananas + sliced strawberries in light sugar syrup (or good quality strawberry jam) + homemade whipping cream. Yum!!!!!!!


That print is SO amazing!!!!! Yeah - I'm sure there will be many more hobbies!!!!



Nothing quite like squeezing a big blob of paint onto a palette and going for it!!! A "must have" hobby I say. Yeah that old box of paint looks inspiring!


WOW that is fantastic! did you do the pink one in the top photos I love it!!!! i say there's nothing wrong with having a lot of hobbies. no one says you have to do them all at once.


Lovely paintings! I love the sweet and fun colours and shapes. I've had just thought same thing many years: painting! I painted and drawed all my child- and younghood. Now I just sew and do other "quickly done"-things! I really wanted to find time for painting but it's impossible with two wild boys.

Maybe my time comes sometimes. My hope is strong! :)


wonderful! it is great to get into something new. enjoy exploring all that painting has to offer.


of course you need a new hobby, everybody needs sometimes a new hobby, if it were only to see if it fits you! succes with your new hobby!


Have fun with the painting!! I agree - do I really need another hobby but I keep buying fabric.... I love Elisabeth's picture!


just hang on with the painting thing, it takes time to come into it, but when you are, what a feeling. I could die for those moments. You are just right here and now and free! good luck!


oh you know you'll be great at it... and who says how many hobbies is the right number? Have as many as want!


A new hobby is just what you need. Your painting looks cool.


Was wondering where you have been...How fun... I too have dabbled in painting even took a class once. I would love to be good at it. I LOVE that print...does she sell them somewhere??? Have been missing you!!xo


Congrats on the new hobby! There can't be too many of those, can there? :)

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